ACTY Soft Fit Slim Pants Adult Diaper


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ACTY Soft Fit Slim Pants Adult Diaper is designed for 2 drops absorbency level. This new adult diaper, “Skin Care ACTY” is soft on your skin and keeps you comfortable while wearing them. With World First technology, a new plant-derived material ‘Cellulose nanofiber’ (ultra-fine fibers which were unraveled by special chemical treatment from wood pulp), provides our diapers with a super deodorization effect.

This feature provides good anti-bacteria function to prevent rashes and infection on user’s skin. We are the first to use a cushion-like 3D embossment sheet in our adult diaper. This feature makes user’s skin feel soft and dry when air flows through 3D sheet, making your skin always dry, comfortable and fresh.

Available in 2 sizes:
M – 60 – 90cm (24″ – 35.5″) (9pcs/pkt).
L – 80 – 130cm (31.5″ – 51″) (8pcs/pkt).

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