Valens Myotein


Sold in tins (300g per tin).

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Valens Myotein® is a protein module with high concentrated source of pharmaceutical grade protein. It is a medical nutrition supplement suitable for providing extra protein to persons with increase protein needs and to persons who are unable to achieve sufficient protein requirements with their normal diet.

Unlike other dietary protein, Valens Myotein® is an instantised, soluble milk protein with excellent solubility throughout the pH range and with enhanced dispersibility. It mixes readily with most enteral feeding formula and beverages.

Valens Myotein® is cream in color and with clean flavour. It does not alter flavour of formula, beverages and foods.

Available in a tin of 300g.


Valens Myotein® contains Whey Protein Concentrate and Soy Lecithin.


As protein module supplement in patients who require
1) pre or post operative protein supplementation,
2) additional protein support in trauma, burn and cancer,
3) protein replacement in excessive protein losses due to surgery or stress.
4) additional protein in a mineral and electrolyte-restricted diet.


Valens Myotein® can be added to oral or enteral tube feeding formula or beverages. It mixes easily with most feeding formula, beverages, soups, gravies and other regular foods without altering its flavour.