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Which Type of Adult Diapers

We often associate diapers with babies, and toddlers. My little one goes through them pretty quickly too. But adult diapers play an important role too. They are often necessary for adults with various conditions, such as incontinence, mobility impairment, or diarrhea, and even dementia. We should put aside the negative connotation of diapers, as they play an important role in allowing us to restore and assist our normal lives.

Just like baby diapers, there are a whole range of brands and different types of diapers to suit your needs. carry a wide range of adult diapers and we can also advise you on the type that is best suited for your particular condition. Call us today.

Briefs / Tape Diapers

A brief diaper means that it has tapes on the side. Brief types include cloth-like backing, plastic backing, refastenable, non-refastenable, overnight, and day use briefs. One popular adult diaper is the TENA Value, which is targeted for moderate and heavy urine and suitable for faecal incontinence.

Briefs / Tape Diapers for Overnight

Briefs or tape diapers labeled overnight are made to be worn at night, as they are the most absorbent type of briefs. If a person is very incontinent, an overnight brief can be worn during the day too, for the extra absorbency. Or well, if you are in tight spaces, such as Fighter Pilots. Overnight diapers or briefs are usually bulkier in size.

Pull Up Pants

These are similar to underwear so it is easier to change and remove. There are also pull up pants with removable tape at the side, so you can choose to use them if you prefer. The pants have an elastic band as compared to the tape diapers and hence are generally more comfortable to wear, especially for those frequently on the move.

There are many diaper brands, TENA, Molicare, Lifeline, and each brand has its advantages and disadvantages. We can decide to choose different diapers according to each person’s physique and preferences. Some babies use a product is not allergic but it is not available for every baby. So we choose a trusted brand products. Recommended that mothers should buy small package or samples and needed to observe whether it would be applicable and if so, we can buy this brand products.

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Hello! About Diapers n Diapers


Diapers and Diapers Online is a Singapore business owned and managed by Branson Homehealth Pte Ltd, the same team behind Rehab King @ Bukit Merah.

We are starting with adult diapers, incontinence products, etc, followed by baby diapers, milk powders, etc and pet diapers at a later date.

Unlike other stores that offer you free delivery for a minimum amount of purchase (P.S. they would usually add on at least an extra $ to the selling price), we charge a flat $15 for delivery. Yet, you still pay less!

Here’s an example:

Tena Value M or L size

Supermarket / Pharmacy $9.80 per packet
Min purchase: 3 ctns / 24 pkts $235.20
Delivery Free
Total 235.20
Diapers n Diapers Online $8.40 per packet
3 ctns / 24 pkts $201.60
Delivery $15.00
Total $216.60
You save $18.60!

Thank you and hope you have a pleasant shopping experience. All feedback can be sent to