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Hello! About Diapers n Diapers


Diapers and Diapers Online is a Singapore business owned and managed by Branson Homehealth Pte Ltd, the same team behind Rehab King @ Bukit Merah.

We are starting with adult diapers, incontinence products, etc, followed by baby diapers, milk powders, etc and pet diapers at a later date.

Unlike other stores that offer you free delivery for a minimum amount of purchase (P.S. they would usually add on at least an extra $ to the selling price), we charge a flat $15 for delivery. Yet, you still pay less!

Here’s an example:

Tena Value M or L size

Supermarket / Pharmacy $9.80 per packet
Min purchase: 3 ctns / 24 pkts $235.20
Delivery Free
Total 235.20
Diapers n Diapers Online $8.40 per packet
3 ctns / 24 pkts $201.60
Delivery $15.00
Total $216.60
You save $18.60!

Thank you and hope you have a pleasant shopping experience. All feedback can be sent to

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  1. I need molicare how can I contact you, thank you

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